Why are we so different?


By partnering with you we understand your business to build a successful talent acquisition strategy (including workforce planning, skill gap analysis, EVP, culture, budgets and more). We back this with dynamic real-time data from LinkedIn Talent Insights that allows us to specialise in sourcing across project services and understand your specific professional services requirements.


Post consultation, we work with internal teams to define the specifics for both senior and line management allowing for the integrations of our service lines and define actual outcomes – from a strategic plan to a high impact short burst talent injection). And we operate under a shared risk model, delivering a fixed outcome or provide greater flexibility through a time and materials approach.


Understanding your employer brand before we go to market allows us to truly integrate with your business and build appropriate talent pipelines, which can be leveraged throughout the engagement. Our status as a LinkedIn Certified Recruiter allows you to ‘peer behind the curtain’ and benefit from a more controlled approach to talent acquisition, engaging both passive and active markets (again, utilising LinkedIn Talent Insights).


As LinkedIn Certified professionals we conduct competency-based candidate interviews. We invest time in screening skills, cultural fit, motivations, aspirations, and salary expectations – whilst acting as brand ambassadors for you. Unlike traditional recruiters, we can manage through to an outcome for you, leveraging our advisory and project optimisation services – offering flexibility across billing, project management and delivery.


We don’t just engage with talent reactively when needed – we proactively create talent pools and keep candidates engaged through content, meetups, events, and exclusive opportunities. We also partner with your internal recruitment team, to ensure they are maximising impact, considering retention, and effectively developing your employer brand – and understand that talent acquisition is a long-term play, not a hit-and-run transaction.

Track and Measure

We believe in informed talent decisions and use real-time data to build targeted talent data sets. This ensures smart workforce investments and the development of superior hiring strategies that we track against the market. Leveraging literally billions of data points, we digitally track your business and offer feedback on where best to deploy talent and address current and future skill gaps so you can plan your future workforce with confidence.

How we work

Our process is broken down into key areas. First, we get to understand your workforce via consultation and ensuring the right team members are allocated to your requirements. And we ask the right questions. What skills do you have in house? Where can we alleviate pressure in your BAU operations and free up your team to drive projects better and faster? Where can we use technology to map, track and engage with new talent that fits with your requirements – now and into the future? Finally, we investigate how we can leverage data to build a recruitment roadmap that aligns with your business outcomes. Let us show you how.

The Ploy Difference

For Ploy, the difference is in collaboration, flexibility and agility. We make sure that we are engaging with you in the right way, taking the time to understand your business and leverage our expertise in ways that actually aligns with your business goals. And finding the right talent for your needs means that we partner with skilled individual contributors who don’t necessarily want to be engaged in long term contracts.

Meet the team

Ross McKale

Ross is the founder and Managing Director of Ploy and is responsible for fundamental changes in the world of on-demand and scalable IT solutions that have been leveraged by the likes of Microsoft, Workday, and KPMG. With over 20+ years’ experience in Professional Services, Recruitment and Workforce Planning space Ross has launched multiple successful ventures in the technology and services sector in APAC. He excels as a creative thinker, network connector and is an active member of YPO.

Alex Kerr

Alex is Ploy’s Director, Australia and New Zealand. He’s responsible for partnering with clients and driving engagement across all service lines – not a small responsibility! Additionally, Alex is responsible for the management of both Sales and Delivery – with a strong focus on client outcome. Alex specialises in consulting with clients across adopting & engaging scalable IT solutions, professional & project services and driving social engagement through digital platforms.

Nathan Hobson

Nathan heads up Ploy’s Project Optimisation service line. A seasoned Project Manager with experience at IBM and PwC across Australia and UK, Nathan brings a wealth of experience across financial services – including extensive experience with the Big 4 banks, many major insurance companies), Australia’s Big 4 consulting practices and many Federal and Local government agencies.

Dominic Miller

Dominic has worked as a digital agency director, managing director, strategist and consultant driving strategic thinking, digital marketing planning and the employer and company branding approaches for some of Australia’s largest companies including CSR, Microsoft, Bayer and James Hardie. With experience on both Agency and Client-side operations, Dominic has been involved as a director of several successful digital businesses, and in senior management roles across sales, business development and strategy. Dominic understands the digital journey that is here and yet to come.

Lauren Gurik-Kenny

Lauren works as the second half of the Solutions Team at Ploy with Kristina Hughes. The Solutions team at Ploy is completely focused on keeping the wheels turning, and together they look after operations and problem solving! Lauren and Kristina work to fill all the roles that come in through Ploy, and make sure that they run smoothly with a quality focus. Solutions also look after the IT Projects that come in seasonally and additionally look to source the market for longer term roles. On top of this there is the odd fire to put out now and again too!

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