An Amazing Nine Months for the Australian IT Market

Wow. What an amazing 9 months it’s been.

We spoke about the Great Resignation, and this data from LinkedIn Talent Insights just goes to show how much change there’s been during this time in the Australian IT market.

Between June 2021 and March 2022 a massive 92,176 people have changed jobs in Australia. That’s a 31% increase in only 9 months!

Even more amazing is that there has been a 53% increase in open jobs in IT sector (with 21,053 open jobs currently). In short, demand still outweighs supply. We’re saying this is a massive movement in the Australian industry.

What jobs are in demand?

The most “in demand” jobs at present in Australia are:

  • Software Engineer (595 jobs)
  • Senior Software Engineer (431 jobs)
  • Full Stack Developer (286)

Fastest growing titles

The “fastest growing titles” in the Australian market are:

  • Associate Consultant (a 53% increase)
  • Engineering Manager (a 34% increase)
  • Cloud Engineer (a 24% increase)

What do Australian employees want?

EVP (what the market wants as a % of importance to them) are:

  • Good work life balance – 59%
  • Compensation & benefits – 50%
  • Flexible work arrangements – 48%

Are we really still here? Smart companies will have already implemented this and started to entice good talent with other realised benefits. Post-COVID, life balance and job flexibility should be a given.

Gender balance remains similar within the IT sector, with 32% of the market female and 68% male.

New Opportunities in Australia – Top 10 Things to Consider

Currently, 85,000 people are identifying as open to new opportunity! How are you engaging with them? Do you know how? In a talent shortage you have to understand how and where to engage with this talent or you’ll be left behind.

Take a minute to think about this. Sure it’s a bunch of numbers but what lies behind those numbers is what matters most. And what does it mean for you? We’ve said it before and we will say it again – here’s our top 10 things you should be focused on:

  1. A much greater focus on work-life balance and employee wellbeing.
  2. A shift in what “employee wellbeing” really means.
  3. Hybrid work models leading to contractors and employees working for multiple organisations concurrently – and how to manage this.
  4. Shifting employment trends from The Great Resignation.
  5. More personal and professional development will be required from businesses.
  6. The need for much stronger employer/employee values alignment.
  7. A great reliance on technology, including AI-assisted skill based hiring.
  8. The critical need for learning and development to retain talent supported by the need for skills identification and clarity.
  9. The need for HR to change the way they view the workplace.
  10. “Power Skills” that include human skills & digital skills with a focus on resilience.
  11. And – for a bonus 11th point – of course  continuing COVID variants means more working from home coupled with home schooling – so the rise of the importance of how to manage parent contractors.

Feel free to get in touch if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, because at Ploy we know the market.

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