Your Workforce Model is Wrong: Here’s Why


Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and no, Lockdown doesn’t count), you’ll know that the workforce has changed. An ever-changing IT landscape needs a flexible and agile workforce to meet the demands of constant change.

There is now more than ever a critical need to provide workforce solutions that utilise real-time technology to map, track and engage with talent who want the challenge of complex problems and want to impart their expertise into a variety of different customer environments.

That’s why at Ploy we have a different approach that we think you should know about. Because it does matter. We call it “Modern Workforce” (marketing genius).

“Modern Workforce” allows both clients and contractors to benefit from a new way of working and is particularly relevant in our “new normal” as we navigate through COVID-19.

Designed to work in line with projects, implementations, or discovery partnerships – Modern Workforce helps clients analyse the market and identify appropriate talent – fast.

Modern Workforce sits between a traditional recruitment agency approach and IT consultancy experience. Essentially, the best elements of recruitment, but driven with a clear delivery mindset.

Importantly, the Modern Workforce approach also allows for your delivery partner to own the outcome also – rather than simply charging for the introduction.

What is Modern Workforce?

Progressing from large scale deployment to high-impact skilled resourcing, Modern Workforce is the concept of engaging contractors anywhere from four hours to six months – allowing organisations the flexibility to engage talent during projects.

Why Modern Workforce?

Because traditional recruitment often doesn’t work. Don’t get us wrong, there absolutely is a place for recruitment, particularly when done well. In fact, with proper planning – where you understand the long-term needs of a business ahead of time – an effective relationship with your recruiting partner is essential.

But what about everything else? And what happens in “project land” when you aren’t offering the magic “six months + contract” or permanent opportunity?

This is where Modern Workforce come in. Let’s give you a quick summary:

  • Minimum engagements of four hours
  • Strong experience resourcing for roles of less-than six months
  • Uncapped access to a wide range of technology roles – from deployment to architecture
  • Utilising strong relationships with the ad-hoc and consulting market
  • Extensive experience and focus on running, delivering, and owning programmes of work
  • An underlying and extremely strong understanding of the recruitment market

How do we do it?

Ploy sits strategically between a recruitment agency and IT consultancy – basically the best elements of recruitment, driven by a strong delivery mindset. Importantly, we can own the outcome if you need us too – it’s not just about charging for the introduction.

Because of this, we need to be able to engage the market quickly, effectively, and strategically. Which is why we are an exclusive partner to LinkedIn and don’t use job boards. We believe in data.

Data is the key to unlocking talent in your area – understanding how markets are behaving and importantly, which industries, companies or locations are successfully acquiring talent. Essentially, we give you the ability to ‘peer behind the curtain’. Why’s that important? Because you won’t be able to engage that market, let alone make it scale, without understanding how its behaving.

The motivations of the contract market is also key. What do they want? Why are they working for the company they are? Why do they always have multiple job offers?

If you want access to this market, you need to be prepared to adapt and be flexible. Need a Cloud Engineer specialist for three months… why should a skilled Cloud Engineer chose you?

Contractors and others seeking work

So, what’s in it for individuals seeking gig work or similar? Well, simply put they are the solution. Period.

Under the Modern Workforce model Ploy doesn’t pretend to be specialists in any one technical area, that is not why our clients engage us. We are engaged to build IP within market sectors and drive outcome through effective project management and governance across delivery. Which is why we take our partnerships very seriously.

So – who fits the bill for Modern Workforce if you’re looking for work?

Ad-hoc/ Field engineers

Modern Workforce suits contractors who are willing to complete ad-hoc assignments. Anywhere from days to weeks. Whether you’re a seasoned field engineer, who enjoys the active nature of travelling between sites or just prefer not being tied to the same company – we’ve got you covered. We deliver programs of work for some of the biggest names in the market and rely heavily on ‘consultative’ engineers, to drive the solution forward.

Consultants/ Specialists

Modern Workforce suits specialists in technical areas who offer high impact consultation to our clients. If you’re looking to grow your personal brand in the market and work with a diverse portfolio of customers, Modern Workforce can offer unique access to decision makers. Consulting engagement can run from weeks, to months, to years depending on your availability and capacity. It’s your call.

Long terms contractors

Anyone can provide specialised recruitment advice to help you take the next step in your career. But instead of endlessly waiting to hear back from job applications, why not engage with the Modern Workforce instead? Engaging with organisations on a short-term basis is a great way to get exposure to multiple industries before committing for the long term. It also allows you to capitalise on extensiv3 networks and avoid having to accept contracts purely for the money. Why not actually invest time into your job search, without the financial constraint?

So – what’s the payoff?

  • Exposure to a diverse and exciting portfolio of companies
  • The ability to build, develop and market your personal brand
  • The ability to make considered decisions before accepting long term opportunities
  • Consultation &and nurture programs from our experts
  • Access to over 50,000 followers on LinkedIn.

Whether you’re just looking for work or want to take your business to the next level, we’re here to make it a reality. Because we live and breathe this space. Literally.

You know what to do next.

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