Putting the Uber in Recruitment

At a recent Meetup in Melbourne, Troy Hammond (a New Zealand based recruiting legend) spoke of his disappointment and anger towards some of the recruitment industry “leaders” at their lack of support and innovation to drive an industry forward. Instead, choosing to bury their head in the sand.

He believes that Agency Recruitment will be and should be ‘UBERISED’ and this needs to happen sooner rather than later. www.troyhammond.co.nz

On the other side of the fence sit industry veterans such as Greg Savage who believe that “No, agency recruitment isn’t going to be ‘UBERISED’ anytime soon.” www.gregsavage.com.au

Given the rate at which companies are adopting SaaS and the magnitude of change and efficiencies being sought by companies worldwide; surely it’s inevitable that recruitment will soon follow suit.

Technology will bring about a change in how companies go to market and improve elements such as speed to hire. But the quality of hire still relies on human interaction, services delivered and honest communication from all parties involved Agents, Companies and Applicants.

What’re your thoughts? Can and will Recruitment be UBERISED?

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