How to Be the Next Google

This year marks Fortune’s 19th year of partnering with Great Place to Work to find the Best Companies to Work For.

An award that Google/Alphabet has taken home ranked No. 1, SIX times!!!

Have you ever wondered why Google are able to dominate this list and attract the best talent from around the world? The answer is surprisingly simple and No! it’s not just because they have a slide in the office. Nor is it due to the free food. It’s because they have built their internal brand through a culture that supports trust, flexibility and above all, FUN.

To quote David Ogilvy (the father of advertising):
“When people aren’t having any fun, they seldom produce good work.”

The best companies in the world understand that it is their employees that make the difference. Creating an environment (which also stems to the mobile workforce) to harness fun, flexibility and trust, create the culture of the business. After all, no one wants to work in a dull, lifeless, stressful environment with a micro-manager breathing down their neck, punching at the keyboard to look busy.

Do yourself a favour. If you’ve not already done so, read two books written by Simon Sinek (Start with Why & Leaders Eat Last). You’ll soon understand the importance of how you communicate in all walks of life and be a better human being for it.

People (whether they’re employees or customers) want to be part of something. They levitate towards a sense of belonging. A sense of camaraderie.

Here’s a thought, for those in the Technology sector, have you ever thought to utilise everyday tools such as your ITSM or CRM as vehicles to help build the voice of your internal brand? Focussing on User Experience (UX) when rolling out platforms and adapting them to engage with the End Users, you not only increase the tech adoption but create so much more.

There aren’t many catalysts that engage across all business functions and at all levels quite like Technology.

The guys over at Sensis did this extremely well when rolling out ServiceNow. They rebranded the system as Jeeves (a friendly English butler) and brought a host of other characters to life to call on with any requests, issues or orders. They brought to life a new way of working.

When you encompass the tone, voice and culture of the company through these tools, you re-enforce and engrain a sense of teamwork, belonging and association that all play a major part in retaining your employees and make you a business of choice to work for.

So where do you start when building the next Google? FUN.

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