Are you a Rebel?

Starting your own business is exciting, liberating and rewarding. It also comes with a bucket load of sacrifice, a splash of stress and a hint of anxiety leading to a few sleepless nights questioning every decision you make (personally and professionally).

Having recently lead Ploy through 3 phenomenal years of growth, we found ourselves at cross roads. As a team, we’re always reviewing and fine tuning the work we do, starting from the process through to delivery.

Leveraging that growth, is allowing us to grow the sales team and we’re looking to welcome 3 to 5 new recruits in the near future. This got us thinking. . . are we doing it right? With an open mind, we joined the Corporate Rebels looking to challenge our own structure and see whether we had created an engaging and successful (and at time challenging!) workplace.

Hosted by our friends at Sportsbet, the guys at Corporate Rebels showcased how some of the world’s most pioneering organisations (from their own renowned Bucket List of companies) are structured with purpose, trust, freedom all of which allows individuals to step up and own outcomes. Some of the results were shocking, to say the least. . .

Through their global travels, they’ve recognised 8 common trends below with companies having moved away from the ‘left side’ of thinking to focus on the ‘right side’.


Taking these 8 trends as a starting point, we were challenged by Pim de Morree, Freek-Jan Ronner and Joost Minnaar to deep dive into our companies to select what we would keep, introduce and remove from the current environment.


Having completed the exercise, and won the knee slapping game (for those that attended!) we listened to the examples shared by the team. . . I was pleasantly reassured that we (Ploy) are on the right track.

Here are the top picks;

  • Ploy’s environment was created and is formed on the fundamental rule that everyone is treated like an adult. We operate a fully flexible environment (that doesn’t mean 1/2 day Fridays, it’s every day). Everyone is given the trust of the team and freedom to be creative and manage their own time effectively. We feel that too much structure suffocates people. If you are capable of managing your own life, surely you can manage your work life.
  • Everyone here knows what they are accountable for and that their work has a purpose. We are structured as a Network of Teams (Sales/Relationship Management and Solution Delivery) neither of which can co-exist without the other. This means people have accountability across multiple areas and you have to work as a team. It’s far more rewarding, efficient and challenging.
  • We operate as a team. No ego. No KPIs. No Call Volumes. The more experienced members of the team share and upskill the less experienced members and attend meetings as a means to demonstrate techniques and obtain better outcomes.
  • Don’t get me wrong, we still have work to do, but I can sleep easy tonight in the knowledge that we’re building something awesome (and surprisingly different). We are on the right track to creating an engaging and successful workplace that sales/relationship managers would love to be a part of. (as a side note, that includes more than just a table tennis table. . .)

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